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thunder bay

Jun. 22nd, 15 | 04:33 pm

wear the fox hat?

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re: saskatoon

Mar. 27th, 12 | 01:43 pm

preparing to disembark.

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Nov. 29th, 11 | 05:09 pm


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free surface effect

Aug. 13th, 10 | 01:33 am

also see:
* Metacentric height
* Slosh dynamics

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the zero

Apr. 20th, 10 | 07:32 am

"Markham turned the page of his magazine.'Hey Brian, do you know how much time deer spend with their mates?'

'Uh . . . their whole lives?'

'Nope. One day. You believe it? One day. An entire species of animal capable of nothing but one-night stands. Isn't that perfect? I mean, if you're a deer.'"

~from The Zero jess walter.


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alienhead - get no stuff.

Jan. 29th, 10 | 09:21 am

the alienhead has come into my life. and the appearance of winter, bona fide actual cold. woo hoo. it's about time. the alienhead is *gasp* a cd player. now, this may seem a tad strage, but this is actually the first dedicated standalone cd player in my possession since as far back as i can think of. whilst there was a cd player in each of the since deceased laptops, i remember listening to music on a 4 track recording device through a 10 watt guitar amplifier in at least three of my former living spaces. that, and it seemed that folks i lived with always had cd players, i had taken it upon myself to not acquire one. and this one is a clock radio. we used to love those.

that and my 'get no stuff, especially furniture' self-directive. a friend has decided to go to india and take an Ayurvedic medicine course, some yoga and so forth and is liquidating in a big way. so when pressed, i scored some CD racks, and a CD player. the cd racks are hardwood and are simple; offcut slats cut into the wood hold the plastic cases. but i like them because they are wood. gotta get some mineral oil. or perhaps the good ol' olio de linhaça (boiled linseed oil). i have broken down a couple times this week on the zero acquisition front. bicycle has multiplied. now i have two. trying to not have seven in my bedroom again. that was excessive. finally got off my proverbial and laundered my favourite wool blanky, used by a somewhat smelly houseguest all summer. i was frustrated by the whole thing and knew it would be an immense amount of trouble to clean it, what with all the being careful and that. and it's heavy when wet. one of them department of national defense scratchy wool army blankets. so effectively, the blankets have undergone some sort of amoebic division and are more numerous as well. yay. and it wasn't that much of an ordeal.

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Jan. 27th, 10 | 08:44 pm

"Through the night, we tacked toward the notorious straits of Bab el Mandab - translation: 'Gates of Hell,' 'Gates of Tears,' 'Gates of Lamentations.' We were in for a doozie."

~Tania Aebi, Maiden Voyage.(1989). p. 222

slightly interesting and very lo-fi podcast (30 min) of Tania Aebi stuff. she circumnavigated the world in a 26' fibreglass sailboat when she was about 20. sorta cool. she navigated with a sextant (like that one, maybe even that very one above), and had no sat phone modem connection. no grib files. no AIS. no chart plotting software. no refrigeration.

on technology aboard:

"It is what it is, and it's definitely convenient, and it makes life easier, but it's only as good as how well you know how to use it, how well you know how to fix it if it breaks, and how well you know how to go on without it if you can't fix it. so, it's all as good as the person who's using it."

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can't decide which landmark this reminds me of.

Nov. 9th, 09 | 06:48 pm

"Desperation hovered like a black cloud over the place, and she suppressed a shiver as she got closer to the building."
~Karin Slaughter, from Beyond Reach

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oh yes.

Nov. 3rd, 09 | 07:15 pm

"The driving wind and bitter cold made conditions in the cockpit so bad that no helmsman could do a complete watch. His crew, huddled down beside him, was in a wretched position. I changed the helmsmen around so that they did one hour on and three hours off. Even an hour in those conditions was almost unbearable. As an emergency system it worked, but it made other crew duties more difficult."

~Edward Heath, Sailing (1975), 68.

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the prime minister's hobby

Oct. 31st, 09 | 11:12 pm

"Weekend after weekend I gradually became more involved in the more obvious practicalities of sailing a small boat. Using the sheet to play the headsail if I was in charge of that, or playing the mainsheet if I was amidships on the boat; setting them speedily when we tacked and using weight to keep the boat balanced."

~Edward Heath, Sailing

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randomness, from 'the metaphysical club'

Sep. 7th, 09 | 01:42 pm

reflections on America

"If the American Union cannot be maintained, except by immolating human freedom on the altar of tyranny, then let the American Union be consumed by a living thunderbolt and no tear shall be shed over its ashes." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, American Citizen and dude with piles of foresight, methinks. c. 1860

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cooker = fornello = hob = le hot plate

Aug. 17th, 09 | 08:39 am

"Cooker should always be kept clean. A boat is frequently left for several days, even weeks, before it is opened up again and small pieces of food can produce the most obnoxious smell in that time." ~The Westerly Manual Westerly Chandlers and Service

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re: this is not for you.

Jul. 3rd, 09 | 12:47 pm

i listen to the radio,
but forget to turn it on.
there's nothing on tv,
since you've been gone.

~bob snider.

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May. 30th, 09 | 10:38 am

not so much abuse as neglect.

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more randomness.

Mar. 24th, 09 | 08:13 pm

how could i /not/ shop at a place called 'lucky moose?'

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